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Let's bring your vision to life

Firstly, let's raise a glass to you - congratulations!

Secondly, The Little Details by Sophie is a wedding and planning company dedicated to creating high end, personalised weddings throughout Cornwall, the UK and beyond, so you are already in a great spot to begin wherever you are planning your big day.

I work with you to create the wedding you want, bringing your vision to life  with a blend of my modern, timeless design and detailed planning to produce a wedding that is neither manufactured nor ordinary. 

Incredible events don't happen by accident, so how do they happen?

Whether you come to me with a Pinterest board full of ideas, a super detailed plan of what you want, a rough date circled on a calendar, I will guide you through the planning process to execution on the day! 
Whether it's a small day with friends and family or a huge everybody you know wedding, my creative process down to my super detailed spreadsheets ensures I always deliver outstanding events.
So, how do I create the magic? To put it simply, I get to know you. I get to know your likes, but most of all your dislikes. I get to know what is most important to you and what you absolutely do not want to be missed on your day, but most of all you become a friend rather than a client.
Flick through to find out what happens when we work together...


Whether you are in search of bright city lights as your wedding backdrop, a barefoot elopement or a family gathering in the south of France, I can bridge the gaps in geography (and language barrier in France) and turn the wanderlust into your perfect wedding day (weekend or even week!) 

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