Now, let me tell you a secret

2020 didn’t go to plan…

To be honest, I can’t imagine it’s gone to plan for many people. Lockdowns have been difficult and there have been so many new rules and regulations to get our heads around, but it did get me thinking; being told I can't see my family makes me miss them so much more, I’m desperate to travel and get inspired by different countries, our small and local businesses need us more than ever and small, intimate weddings sound more like something I would enjoy.

My first shoot (<-- that one on the left!) made me realise I'm not a simple, modern, sleek kinda person like I had first imagined when setting up The Little Details. I love colour and being bold, I love portraying memories and focussing on personalised little details and I love having a black book of small businesses to use. I also realised I love designing weddings a lot more than I thought I did.

I love supporting small, I enjoy working with genuine people who love what they do, you get a much more personalised experience and I know I do a little dance every time someone books to work with me, so, I’m sure I’m not alone?

I believe the best way to hit these goals is to focus on small weddings, so I'm taking a new direction. The Little Details by S will focus on designing and planning small, intimate weddings, weddings under 60 people in Cornwall. With a more intimate guest list, I can help you create a personal and unforgettable experience for you and your guests, inspired by your story and memories. 

I haven't dropped the eco ethos either (I don't think I ever could!), although, it is much easier to focus on being environmentally friendly when the event is small and the businesses you're working with are actually humans who reply to your email and not an automated robot. You don't need to use plastic or anything disposable for small weddings and I can ensure everything is local and sustainably sourced. 

I am so excited for this new direction. I can't wait to help design and plan weddings for couples who want a small, intimate wedding in Cornwall full of memories, new non-traditional traditions (thats a tongue twister, say it fast!) and personalised details.

And, that’s why The Little Details by Sophie, an intimate wedding design and planning business was born.