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Frequently Asked Questions About My Services


The venue has a coordinator, do I still need help?

We recommend that a venue coordinator should be free to look after anything related to the venue. Sometimes it works better if they are available to handle any issues or just to manage their important details such as catering, staff, toilets, etc. A planner will take care of the wedding party and guest queries while they concentrate on their roles. Also I  will get to know the clients in a personal way so I understand not only all the decisions made in planning but why. This way I can keep an eye on the specific points of interest or concern and answer queries on behalf of the couple.


I'm super organised so would a planner be suitable for me?

Some couples find it hard to style their wedding, so as well as helping you plan, I will also help bring together your ideas and make them all work together. Also, I will make sure you can relax on your wedding day. I will take the reins and handle all of your arrangements on your behalf so you can sit back and enjoy the special celebration. 


My Mother is worried a planner will take over. Is this likely?

A planner should never take over. The Little Details by Sophie helps you make decisions, but the final say so is ALWAYS yours. I listen and advise to ensure you find what you need and a plan is created to best suit your ideal day.


I don’t live in Cornwall, can you still help?

Simply, yes. We have helped clients far away from us with the power of Zoom and emails. I love assisting couples who want to come to our wonderful part of the country to get married but don’t know much about the area and its wedding suppliers. Get in touch to find out more.


How far will you travel?

As far as you want me to! (It will result in fuel costs, but I’m happy to go wherever!)


How much will it cost?

After our initial consultation I will work out a price based on how much work I will have to undertake to help you create your wedding day, but this price doesn’t normally differ much from my starting prices (included in my brochure).

There are no hidden costs, I do not take a percentage of your budget, so if your budget goes up, I will not increase my price (unless it means you’re inviting 100 more people, then I will probably put my prices up!).


What if a supplier wants to give us a discount? Do you take this as commission?

NO NO NO NO NO! I do not! I am here to help you save money, so if a supplier wants to give you a discount, it goes straight to you.


Do we give you our money, so you pay the suppliers?

No, you keep your money. I will look over any contracts to make sure nothing looks fishy, you will then sign the contract, you pay the suppliers, but don’t worry, I will send email reminders so you don’t miss any payments!


What information do we need to be able to book you?

To be honest, nothing other than a rough date, rough numbers and a rough idea of where!


I'm not having a small wedding, can I still book you?

The answer is YES! I do also love a big wedding, I just specialise in intimate weddings so that is what my "from" prices are based on. It is also why I do a consultation before sending over a quote, so that I can give you a much more personalised price.


When is the final payment due?

90 days before the wedding so you don’t have to worry about money in the run up to the day!


How do I secure you as our wedding planner?

Once I have confirmed I’m available on your wedding date I will hold your date for 7 days. A 40% deposit for full planning or a 25% deposit for on the day coordination and the dressing service is required to secure the date.

Have I still not answered your question?

Ask below and I'll get back to you within the next 24 hours!


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