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TOP TIPS: 6 reasons why you should book a wedding planner!

Planning your wedding is probably one of the most exciting but stressful times you will have. I want to make sure you enjoy the wedding planning process, I want to be that helping hand, or the person you call when you need reassuring that the flowers will arrive on time. Hiring a wedding planner takes away the stress of planning a wedding, so you are left with the excitement and basically all the fun stuff like the cake tasting or wine sampling.

If you are unsure whether you should hire a planner The Little Details by Sophie has 6 reasons that will help you decide!

1. You don't live close to where you are planning on getting married...

If you don't live in Cornwall but desperately want to get married here but just don't know how to go about looking for venues, or finding suppliers, I can help. I can be your PA in a different county. I am more than happy to do my consultation over Zoom (or Skype, or FaceTime... whichever you use!). I can meet with venues and do a virtual tour for you, I can send you supplier recommendations and meet with them and just think of all the hours and money spent on petrol you will save by having someone in Cornwall doing everything for you.

2. We all have our 'dream team'

I have a 'dream team' I love working with, but I also know some of the best eco-conscious suppliers in the industry and I can do searches and check all the suppliers you have in mind or have booked already. I only deal with suppliers I trust, as I have to look after my reputation too, recommending someone who doesn't show up won't be good for me as well as you.

3. We want to save you money

I can help you avoid costly mistakes and negotiate deals with suppliers, and one thing I want to put out there is that I don't take commission. If a supplier offers a discount, it is yours, I do not take it. I'm here to save you time and money and to ensure you have the best day, not to make some extra pennies out of you.

4. Your budget has be be kept on track to save you money...

I love lists, I have lists for lists, so when it comes to the budget I will have lists of things you want, I will have lists of things you want if you have enough budget, I will have lists of things you're meeting the budget for, lists of things you've gone over budget for. All this is along side a handy excel sheet telling me where you want to spend your budget. Don't you worry, your budget will definitely be kept track of! (Wow! How many times did I say budget in that paragraph!)

5. A lot of us aren't just planners...

Have you got a Pinterest board with about 500 pictures in it, but you just can not see it all coming together? I can help you create a stunning day inspired by your story and your Pinterest boards. Although, a lot more than just your Pinterest board goes into creating the concept, but that would be giving my secrets away wouldn't it!?

6. Do you really want to be running round looking for an extra chair on the day itself?

Oh, the day itself... Your venue has a coordinator, and yes, they are very helpful, but don't forget they are hired by the venue. Their job isn't to create timelines of when the hair and make up artists should arrive, to direct Auntie Eileen to her seat cause she's wandering round the grounds looking lost or to hunt for an extra chair because someone turned up who didn't RSVP, their job is to make sure their venue is looked after and they wont be able to make any decisions for you.

The day itself is actually my favourite part of planning a wedding. I love seeing the ideas and imagination come together and create a day where your story and personalities shine through, but I also love making sure it runs as smoothly as it can without having to bother you. I offer my 'details on the day' service as part of my main packages, but it can also be booked alone! Take a look, to see what it offers here.

I really hope I have managed to answer some of your queries, we are basically here to make your life easier. We want to make sure you can get married somewhere you love (Cornwall being the number one choice, obviously!) even if you don't live there, we want to save you time and money, we want to make the day you have dreamed of forever come alive and most of all we want the day to run perfectly without you having to worry.

If you have anymore queries, or questions please email me or have a browse at my website and if you want to book a consultation click here --> Free consultation with coffee and cake!


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