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The actual truth to these 12 "facts" you’ve most definitely been told while planning your wedding!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

1. “Your venue will look after everything”

I hate to burst your bubble, but they don’t! Your venue coordinator will make sure everything is ok on their side, but that is there only job. I’m not going to lie, there are some amazing venues out there and some of them really do go the extra mile (Looking at you, Knightor Winery!). But, not all of them, and if you want to make sure everything is the way you want it to be I highly recommend hiring a day of coordinator to look after your day.

2. “You’re only having a small wedding, why don’t you DIY everything”

NO! DIY’ing everything, a lot of time, ends up being more expensive than if you had hired your decorations or paid for a cake. It also never ends up like it looks on Pinterest…

3. “Don’t worry, friends and family will help you out”

Yes, they will, but they also want to have a few drinks and have some fun too… and you don’t want to take away their experience of enjoying the wedding.

4. “You’ll have loads of time on the morning of your wedding”

Oh, you definitely don’t. That time flies by, in fact, if it wasn’t for my mum delivering me breakfast while I was having my hair done I wouldn’t have had time!

5. “It’s easy, it’s just like organising a big party”

It really isn’t, there are so many more things to think about. Let me tell you a secret, I didn't take any of my advice and I didn't hire a wedding planner for our wedding, and my god, after the year we had I wish I had to make the most of the time with my family last year!

6. “You shouldn’t go with the first one you find”

Why not? You’ve found the perfect gown, or venue, or photographer who’s photos you’ve fallen in love with. But there’s a problem: It’s the first option you’ve looked at. What if there’s something better out there and you’re making a huge mistake you’re going to regret? Does it give you happy butterflies? Well, why ignore them, because, you know what, you’ll probably end up comparing everything to that first one anyway, so don’t ignore those butterflies!

7. “You need to wear a traditional white dress”

Oh you really don’t! Wear what you want, what you feel comfortable in, whether it’s bright pink or white, wear what you love. Hey, it might not even be a dress!

8. “The wedding of your dreams will cost you loads of money”

It won’t. I’m a huge advocate for small, intimate weddings that are inspired by your story, your memories and your travels. I believe the wedding of your dreams can be achieved by surrounding yourselves with all your favourite people and by personalising it to you two as a couple.

9. “You should give your single guests a plus one”

I have a secret rule for helping you choose who gets to be out on your guest list. “You don’t want to invite anyone who you have to do small talk with.” You don’t want to see a sea of faces you don’t know when you turn around to do your vows and having an intimate wedding allows you to be even stricter with this rule.

10. “You need to have a bridal party”

Picking your bridesmaids is a difficult job anyway, but you shouldn’t forget that having them is totally optional anyway, even more so if you have an intimate wedding.

11. “Your wedding needs to be traditional”

Lots of people opt for the traditional wedding, a ceremony followed by the big ballroom reception but that doesn’t mean you have to. Think about what you want as a couple. Perhaps it’s a casual backyard affair, or a small, intimate fine dining lunch or maybe just the two of you on a beach in Cornwall. Weddings are changing and people are having events that reflects them. That means you can too.

12. “Your venue needs to be small if you’re having an intimate wedding”

Venues have various spaces, so even if the venue that gives you butterflies is huge but you only want 30 guests, you can use smaller spaces within the venue to make it intimate and cosy. Also, with clever design and styling, large spaces can also look perfectly intimate. Choose the venue that gives you them happy butterflies! Remember, don’t ignore them.


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