Learn about me through the "March Meet the Maker" Challenge!

I don’t know about you, but I love buying from people. If you can tell me your story, make me fall in love with what you do and why you do it then my goodness, you have an instant sale. So, as Joanne Hawker creates the beautiful March Meet the Maker Challenge, I’m going to use the prompts to write a blog post so you can get to know me.

1. You & your work

So, hey I’m Soph! I’m the founder and owner of The Little Details by Sophie. I style, plan and coordinate intimate weddings in Cornwall for adventurous, travel loving foodies! I have a moody, modern boho style, inspired by travel. Think boho, but with a modern, clutter-free twist. Pops of colour, unique details all inspired by your story, your memories and most of all your travels. I enable travel-loving foodies to create a wedding day full of; fun and adventure, fabulous flavour, and a fusion of culture, to create their very own untraditional traditions.

I like to think I’m very supportive, warm and laidback, usually found in the sun with an Aperol Spritz in hand. I want you to breathe a sigh of relief when you book me, knowing you have a friend to talk about weddings, but also that your wedding planning is in good hands and you don’t have to worry anymore. I promise your wedding will be perfectly planned, styled with you in mind and coordinated all within your budget…

2. Brand Values

I have 3 brand values, shop small, create eco-conscious weddings, never become too big for my boots:

So, shop small; there are so many amazing companies and small businesses that can help create such unique weddings and if my little business can help theirs then why would I not use them.

Creating eco-conscious weddings is a big thing for me, I have a degree in Marine Biology and the idea of impacting the planet just for one day breaks my heart. So, I’m here for weddings with as little impact as possible!

And I never want to become too big for my boots, I want to stay grounded, I want you to always feel like you’re working with a person rather than a corporate company, I never want to be too busy to forward your email to someone else for them to reply. I want to ensure my clients can always work with me.

3. Planning

What do I write about planning? It is literally my job! I have spreadsheets for everything, even for my weekly dinners. But, maybe you’d rather know what is in the planning for The Little Details? Well… I’m afraid you’ll have to either sign up to my mailing list, or follow me on instagram for those answers

4. 3 things…

… about me!

  1. I’m fluent in French - We moved to France when I was 9, so I grew up and went through the school system there, one of the best things my parents did for me.

  2. I have a degree in marine biology. I went to college in Falmouth and did Marine Biology and Ecology and then continued these studies in Aberdeen. I learnt a lot more than just about the ocean while studying though.

  3. I only drink Yorkshire tea! It’s the only tea that exists, right?

5. Favourite

I thought I would share my (current) favourite wedding colours and design. It will probably change in a week or two, but right now, while I’m writing this, my favourite colours to style a wedding with are blues, whites, greys and black! Picture the ocean on a really grey day. 😏

6. Best Decision

My best business decision was to join The Wedding Business Club. It has been incredible for my confidence, for the support and for the networking. Faye Cornhill is amazing at what she does, and I just love having a group of like minded people there to help when I need it the most.

7. Hands at work

I am very much a hands on person. You won’t find me in the corner with a clipboard and a walkie talkie, you will find me moving chairs, lighting candles and preparing that surprise we’ve planned together for your other half!

8. Storage

Ergh, well, at the moment I don’t have a lot, but I will. We are currently in the process of buying our first house (SUPER EXCITING) and with doing that, my office will be upgraded and the shed at the bottom of the garden is already known as the “styling shed” so watch this space, more vases, more candles, more napkins, more tables runners are coming!

9. Seasonal

I didn’t know where to go with seasonal. It is one thing I’m very passionate about, we like to try and eat seasonal foods instead of getting shipped in foods. But when it comes to weddings I believe everything should be as seasonal as possible. Your flowers will definitely be healthier if they are seasonal too!

10. The numbers

As I am a one woman band I take on limited numbers per year so that I can provide a personalised service to each and everyone of my couples. So, if you are looking to book I would honestly say please don’t hesitate as I would hate to have to turn you down!

11. Time

Let’s go with my favourite time of year for a wedding. Obviously… Anytime 😉 No, but in all seriousness I love a spring/early summer and a winter wedding, they are definitely my favourites.

12. Goals

Oh, I have so many goals and they are always evolving. I think one of my most out there goals is to plan a celebrity wedding and own a Tesla. Dream big right? But one of my “touchable” goals is to have someone join my team!

13. Sneak Peek!

I have been working on loads of styled shoots recently, so here is a sneaky peek of one that is coming to Wed Magazine in the not so distant future! 😍

14. Sell Yourself

I’m obviously like everyone else and hate talking about myself but, here goes. I absolutely pride myself on the fact that I am a one woman business and that you get to interact with me at every point during our journey together, creating a personal service, but I also hope we build a friendship throughout the planning. I’m incredibly organised, but also quite relaxed, if you fancy a chat about what colour candles to get, or whether you should have table runners or table cloths and you live close by let’s go to a bar and have a glass of wine. I create WhatsApp groups for all my couples so you can pop me a message when you think of something rather jumping on emails and I will give you updates about what I’m doing on my side at least once a month! I become your wedding best friend, someone you can chat to, but also someone to unload some of those pesky planning hours onto.

15. Materials

I don’t really have many materials, as long as I have a good internet signal and my iPad or Mac I can do what I do. On the day itself is a different matter though, I have my trusty emergency bag full of everything you could ever need!

16. Mistake/lesson

Not niching down when I first started. I wanted to please everyone, I wanted everyone to know that they could book me, but I have definitely realised that you can’t please everyone, as much as I would love to. I’m here for the people who want a friend, someone a little more relaxed, and for those that love splashes of colour. Maybe not a full blown technicolour wedding, but little bits popping through here and there. Think a sage and white wedding, but with pops of black running through it to make it a little more modern, or a blush pink wedding with pops of teal coming out in the stationery and candles. I’m here for that!

17. Product range

Let’s go with service range shall I, so I offer:

  • On the day coordination, with prices starting from £565

  • Styling and on the day coordination, with prices starting from £1,850

  • Full blown planning and coordination, with prices starting from £3,150

  • And I also have a little dressing service if you need a hand getting all those buttons fastened, with prices starting from £85

18. Milestone

My business turned 2 years old this year, that’s a pretty good milestone right? I got through a pandemic and I can’t remember how many lockdowns. I got through the other side and I’m here to plan all those beautiful weddings that were put on hold!

19. Workspace

Can I wait to share my new workspace when we more into our new house for this one?

20. Low stock

Well, as I don’t really have stock I suppose this doesn’t really work, so lets go with low available dates. June, July and August (surprise surprise) are looking rather busy this year, so if you’re looking for an on the day coordinator for then, please get in touch!

21. New vs. Old

I actually came across my old logo the other day, so here is a new vs. old comparison of my first logo to now!

22. Day in the life

A day in the life of me… My day normally starts with a coffee that my wonderful wonderful husband brings to bed for me, I have a snuggle with my cat, Honey, and then get up. I’m not one for having breakfast, so yep, I normally skip brekkie and jump on my emails, I like to try and only check my emails 3 times a day, morning lunch and evening, cause otherwise I end up down a rabbit hole. Mornings are for tackling wedding tasks, so following up suppliers, creating timelines, working out logistics and then in the afternoon I like to use the time to “grow my business” so I’ll schedule social media, write blogs or if I have one in the planning, work on styled shoots. I tend to finish work around 6pm and then have dinner with David, watch the TV and go to bed. So super glamorous 🤪

23. Looking forward

I can not wait for what the future has in hold, I have some incredible weddings this year, we are getting our first house and my business is bloooooming. I’m super excited to enhance my customer journey, can not wait to stock Candle Flair candles (when I have the space!), and grow my linen collection. Keep an eye on The Little Details by Sophie as there is a lot planned for the next year! 🖤

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