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How do I make sure my wedding is fun and my guests don’t get bored?

8 tips for throwing an unforgettable wedding!

I get asked this a lot, and to be honest, there isn’t an industry secret that will answer this question. People are different and enjoy different things, but my answer to this question would probably be ‘be yourselves, be different’.

How many weddings have you been to where you’ve gone from the church to a drinks reception with canapés, to a six course meal, to speeches, to the cake cutting, to the first dance and then to the evening party? It’s just so predictable isn’t it, and I’m not going to lie, I’d get a little bored of the same old, so here are my tips on how to keep your guests entertained…

1. Make sure your guests are comfortable

First thing is first, if your guests are uncomfortable, they won’t be having fun. Consider what your guests will go through during the day and try and pre-empt it. Will they be walking across lots of grass? Tell them to bring suitable shoes! Are you going to be by a lake that is notorious for mosquitoes? Have citronella candles burning or put some anti bug spray in the bathrooms. Are you having an outdoor reception in the sun? Provide shade and sun cream! You get the picture… ;)

2. Have an intimate wedding

Yeah, I know, I obviously need to say that, but no, seriously. The less people are there, the more likely people are to talk to each other as it won’t feel as intimidating. People are more likely to mingle with new people as well as they won’t already have their ‘groups’ because you’ll have cherry picked YOUR closest friends and family and not said yes to every plus one.

3. Surprise and delight

I know wedding planning is really exciting and you want to tell everyone what you have planned for the day, but keep some parts secret so the surprises can keep them on their toes.

4. Keep things moving

Try not to have too much waiting time, that is normally when people get bored. Guests notice when things start to drag, when the cocktail hour lasts too long or their is a wait between food courses. Work with your wedding planner to make sure the day keeps flowing and the waiting times are filled with entertainment.

5. Make sure they are well fed

I get hangry when I’m not fed and when I’m hangry the only thing I want to do is go home and go to bed (yep, that extreme!)… I’ve found that guests really enjoy food stations that they can help themselves to, so I would recommend having a s’mores bar, or a donut wall, or a grazing table that they can help themselves to throughout the day, when they get peckish! And, don’t forget the late night snack!

6. Create unforgettable moments

I’m a big believer that you don’t remember days, you remember moments, so give your guests lots of memorable moments. Make them personal to you. Do you love wine? Have a wine tasting bar where they can try 3 wines that mean the most to you! Do you love the outdoors? Have lawn games in the garden to encourage people to be outside. Do you love the Caribbean? Have a steal drum band and rum punch flowing while your guests mingle. I promise that being different and being yourselves will create the best wedding your guests have ever been to because it will portray you and that is what they are there to celebrate.

7. Get them dancing!

Who doesn’t love a dance? I know I do and I can’t guarantee I won’t be on the dance floor at your wedding. But, where I’m getting to with this is that once your first dance is over, open the dance floor straight away! The focus is on the dance floor, so why would you take your guests away from it?

8. Don’t stress about it

It’s your big day, you don’t want to be stressing about something like that (I know, easier said than done…). But if you’re not stressed and if you are enjoying yourself, your friends and family will feel relaxed and will also have fun! Laugh, cry (happy tears only!) and party to your hearts content.


Are you struggling to find unique ways to entertain your guests on your wedding day and feel like you need a helping hand? Get in touch and request my brochure here so we can brainstorm some ideas together!

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