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TOP TIPS: 7 Tips for Planning a Virtual Hen Party

Updated: Jun 30

Everyone getting married had so much to look forward to this year... The wedding (obviously), the honeymoon, but also the hen do with all the girls.

Maid of honours, this is for you - why not turn the hen do virtual? It's a great pick me up for the bride, all her friends can break the ice before the 'real' hen and it's just as much fun!

You may have read last Mondays blog about my lovely brides postponement? This weeks blog is about her virtual hen do and a few tips to make it a great day despite not being all together.

1. Keep it a surprise

Make sure with the husband-to-be that the bride isn't working first... but, who doesn't love a surprise? 'J' started getting clues about her hen do 5 days before it was due to happen. She received a video the day before to tell her the theme, the build up was so exciting!

2. Pick a theme

Our lovely bride-to-be was due to be going to Hawaii on her honeymoon, so we brought Hawaii to her! The whole hen was planned around this from the decorations to the invite and everyone was asked to dress up in the floweryist/beachyist outfit they owned.

3. Rope in the husband-to-be

'J's lovely fiancé was all for surprising her with a tropical hen do. He was amazing throughout the whole thing. He hid various parcels that arrived, he decorated their living room, he answered questions for games and the best bit... he was her tiki bar man all afternoon! What a gem.

4. Order the bride some surprises

Like mentioned above, the lovely groom helped hide various parcels that were sent to the bride. Decorations (how cool is that toucan?) and a lovely hula outfit for her to wear were delivered, she now has a beautiful palm tree to help her remember the day and maybe some more surprises are due to arrive (but were obviously delayed due to the worlds situation), but shhhhh.. don't tell her!

5. Plan more games than you think you need

In person it's a lot easier to fill 'awkward silences' because people mingle, they make drinks together, they chat and get to know each other, don't get me wrong they do virtually too, but not so much. My top tip would probably be over plan the amount of games and if you don't use them then there are no worries, at least you are prepared if you need them. Some examples could be 'find the hen' - search for where each hen lives, share an aerial map of the area and get the hens to guess who lives where, 'what did he say?' - rope in the groom, ask him questions and see how well the bride knows her husband to be, 'who's body part is this?' - find pictures of body parts, celebrities, family members, maybe even the groom and see who can guess them right.

6. Have a back up plan

We all love technology when it works, but when it doesn't we all panic (well, I know I do) - Have a back up plan for the meeting. Our first zoom meeting didn't work and the host couldn't join until later making it a bit of a fluster, so before the day see if someone else has a zoom account, maybe have a back up facebook messenger ready, but most of all, don't panic, you'll find a way to get it to work!

7. Pour yourself a drink and have fun

Everyone deserves to let their hair down after these crazy few months we've been through, including you! Pour yourself a drink, set your computer up, sit outside in the sun (if your internet is better than mine!) and enjoy yourself.

All the hens and the bride-to-be had such a lovely time and a big thank you goes to 'J's maid of honour for organising! Maybe virtual hen do's need to be done after lock down as a bit of an ice breaker so that when it comes to the 'in person' hen it's just a hugeeee party from the get go!

These past few months may have been crazy, insanely strange, unpredictable times, but I must admit I can't wait to see what will stay after lockdown. Will my husband be working from home? Will I be invited to more 'break the ice' hen do's? Will there be an increase in micro weddings? Exciting times ahead!

If you need any help whatsoever with planning, postponing or even just some advice on your wedding email me at or find me on Facebook and Instagram.


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