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TOP TIPS: 6 Ways to have a Star Wars wedding that's out of this world!

Updated: Jun 9

🌟 May the Fourth be with you! 🌟

My husband is obsessed with Star Wars and I don't think I would have gotten away with not doing a blog on how to incorporate little bits of the iconic movies into your wedding, so here it is!

Your wedding is about your story and I believe it must incorporate things you love, I pride myself on making sure you have all of The Little Details in your day.

Do you have a love for food (we had a lot of food at our wedding!), or do you travel a lot, or are you obsessed with Star Wars? My husband and I don't have the same love for Star Wars and I didn't want a wedding full or stormtroopers and Yoda, but there are always subtle ways of including the main parts of your story into your wedding.

1. It starts with the ring

Are you the one with the love of Star Wars? You could hint to your other half that you NEED this ring. It's a stunning Star Wars themed ring, made from recycled gold (making it eco-conscious too!). It has light saber accents at the back and rebel alliance emblems on top while still being a classic engagement ring.

Can be bought here 💍

2. Who to invite?

The invitations are what tell your friends and family everything about your wedding. I love these black invitations, they are classy, different with a hint of Star Wars (Ok, maybe a little more than a hint, there is a huge Millennium Falcon on the front, but they're still really pretty classy.)

3. A present for the groom

Are you stuck for a present for your groom, something for him to open on the morning of your wedding? How about these cufflinks and tie clip. He can wear them again (for future weddings), making them a sustainable, reusable present and something they can hold onto forever, reminding them of your special day.

Get the tie clip here and some x-wing cufflinks here (cause I can't find where the ones below are from 😣)

3. What are the men wearing (who knows, it's probably been left until the week before the wedding)?

I love the idea of mismatched socks. My husband, his groomsmen and our dads all had matching, but not matching socks from Happy Socks! I'm sure if he had spotted these Star Wars ones before we got married he would have had these.

The ties are also such a lovely little touch, the bride can have the colour she wants, while the husband can have his little hints of Star Wars.

4. Her shoes!

I love Irregular Choice shoes, but these are just something else. Unfortunately, I don't think they sell them anymore, but I'm sure someone, somewhere on eBay will be selling some. They're comfy, sparkly and Star Wars!

If you aren't thaaaat into Star Wars, these silver heels from Faith are a lovely subtle way to get stars into your outfit. They can be worn after the wedding, to parties, for Christmas or even to do the washing up.

(They're even on sale at the moment at Debenhams!)

5. Subtle decorations at the venue

I love these signs for the back of your chairs. They're a great way of getting your personality into the venue, without being too in your face.

This lovely welcome sign is also a great way to get Star Wars into your wedding day.

6. Table decorations

I can't take any credit for these photos, I really wish I could. It is a stunning wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes. Their table decorations were stunning, they incorporated coppers, black and Star Wars into all of their wedding. Their stationary was stunning and the centre pieces in the middle of the tables were out of this world (Ha. Star Wars pun!). Here are a few photos of their insane table decorations.

I hope you have found some ways of getting your story and the things you love into your wedding day. If you need help focussing on The Little Details, get in touch and I can tailor a package to help with what you need.

* I can not take credit for any of the photos. All photos are from Pinterest or other websites - The links are available if the photo is clicked on *

For all of you Star Wars lovers, I'm sure you already know this, but The Rise of Skywalker is released today! 🌟

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