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TOP TIPS: 12 (different) ways to spend your original wedding date by a wedding planner in Cornwall.

Updated: Jun 30

Many couples will have had to put their wedding plans on hold and over the next few months the day that was supposed to be your wedding day will come around. A date that you will have been counting down to for six, twelve or eighteen months, I’m not going to lie, it will hurt and it will be difficult, but your day will come and it will be everything you dreamed of and more. To help you enjoy your original wedding day I have put together some ideas of what you could do, so it's not a day you dread arriving.

1. Write love letters for each other

  • I’ve read on a lot of blogs that said you should read your vows to each other, personally, I don't like this idea. Your vows are for your wedding day and you will get to read them to each other eventually. Instead, why not write love letters for each other, tell each other the reasons you are waiting that little bit extra to get married, tell each other the reasons you fell in love with your other half in the first place.

2. Order (and eat!) your ‘wedding’ cake

  • It doesn’t have to be the 5 tier, amazingly decorated cake you were going to have on the day, but why don’t you order a cake thats the same flavour, or pick your favourite cake up from the supermarket and yes, eat it all.

3. ‘Go’ to the spa

  • Set up the living room as a romantic, candle lit spa. Give each other massages, wear face masks, have a bath, paint your toes (paint your husbands to be as well, why not, no one can see them) and relax.

4. Plant a tree

  • Every time you see your new tree in your garden, you will remember the day, it will make your garden look beautiful and it will grow with your love.

5. Paint each other

  • Set up canvases in the living room and paint each other. When you’re both finished, you can reveal your master piece. I’m terrible at painting, so mine would look horrible, but its fun, different and something you could put up on your new wedding day!

6. Decorate a denim jacket!

  • This is a bit of an out there idea, stick with me on this… Why don’t you order a couple of denim jackets, get some funky bits to personalise them and decorate your own denim jackets. You could wear them in the evening of your new wedding date, or on honeymoon. They may not be as perfect as this stunning one from Elizabeth & Rose but they will definitely be something to be proud of.

7. Recreate a ‘pricey’ class at home

  • Is there a class you’ve always wanted to do together, but god, they’re just a bit too pricey? Why don’t you bake bread together, make pasta or make a really fancy dinner together. Get messy, have fun and learn a new skill together.

8. Get dressed up and have a date night at home

  • After your class together, you could get cleaned up, get dressed, put make up on and have a date night. Maybe you could even cook the food you were planning on having on your wedding day (if it’s not super difficult that is).

9. Build a fort and have a duvet day

  • If you really don’t want to try too hard and you just want to snuggle, why not buy some

popcorn, build a fort (don't forget the fairy lights!), pick out a stack of films and have a duvet day!

10. Plan a trip away

  • Why not spend the day planning a trip to look forward to once isolation is over with? You will have something to look forward and if you’re anything like me, you’ll have an amazing day planning every little detail of the trip.

11. Make YOUR cocktail

  • Are you planning on having a signature cocktail on your wedding day? Why not make it (make a few!) and enjoy yourself. If you weren’t planning on having one, why not create one and maybe include it in your new day, it could be your arrival drink?

12. Have a virtual wedding party

  • This one is my favourite, but then I do love a party with a cocktail or two. Your friends and family probably had that day booked off anyway, why not create a zoom meeting that you can send them on an e-vite and have a virtual happy hour. You could even send them the recipe for your new signature cocktail in the e-vite and you can all enjoy it together. Give them a dress code, tell them a time and spend your day with your loved ones like you planned.

I hope these ideas have given you a bit of inspiration for your original wedding day. My heart goes out to all of you that have had to postpone, it really is such an unpredictable situation. Like I said above, your day will arrive and it will be everything you hoped for.

If you need any help with postponing your wedding or just need a friend to talk to, you can find me at and I will try my best to lend a helping hand.

A few do’s and dont’s to keep in mind

Do acknowledge the date

  • Some people may tell you to forget the date and focus on your new one. If you can, then that is great, although, I can’t imagine many couples will be able to do that. It’s important to acknowledge it without dwelling on what it should have been.

Don’t be afraid to have the day to yourselves

  • You will get lots of messages from friends and family, but if you don't feel like replying to them, they will understand if you dont do it straight away.

Don’t feel guilty about being sad

  • You had been planning this day for a long time, you are allowed to feel sad.

Do concentrate on the things you can be grateful for

  • Your other half, your friends and family and the wedding day you will have when all of this is over!

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