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10 ways a wedding planner will help you destress during your wedding planning process!

Wedding planning is an occupation in itself, according to a study the average modern wedding can take 528 hours to plan, which is why it often causes a lot of stress and can sometimes feel like a chore. This is why it definitely makes sense to hand over some of the work to a professional and here are 10 ways a wedding planner will help you destress during your wedding planning journey.

1. You are number one!

All of your friends have other stuff going on in their life and unfortunately your wedding won’t be their priority, whereas your wedding planner will be there to answer your calls at any time of the day. You will be their number one priority. Your wedding will be their number one priority.

2. You will get to go to the pub with your friends!

Your wedding planner has connections. You won’t have to spend 100 hours frantically searching google for suppliers, as your planner will know someone perfect for you and your wedding. So, arrange that pub trip with your friends, plan a dinner party or go on holiday. Hand over some of those hours to someone else.

3. You can turn your emails off!

Your wedding planner will create timelines and schedules for everyone to stick to, but alongside this they will contact all of your suppliers so that they know when and where they need be, so that you don’t have to worry about it. You don't have to be the one sending hundreds of emails trying to link up everyone arriving at the same time, or ensuring something has been delivered.

4. I’m a perfectionist!

Your wedding planner will make sure your wedding is set up how you want it to be and if they are anything like me, they will make sure it’s perfect. You will not have to stress on the morning of your wedding, or on the run up, as you will know your day is in the best hands.

5. You won’t need 20 different (dreaded) spreadsheets!

Whilst wedding planners do not aim to save you money, we sure know how to get the best value for money! Not only do we manage your budget throughout the whole process we will crunch numbers to ensure you get the best value for money.

6. Do you really need to worry about the colour of the takeaway cake boxes?

When organising any project it’s very easy to stress over tiny points, your wedding planner will help give you an overall perspective and tell you when something isn’t worth the stress!

7. You'll have your own PA!

Your wedding planner can be your personal secretary, your best friend, your confidant and your walking diary right up until and including your wedding day. I respond to emails when you don’t have time, take phone calls that you don’t want to deal with and provide you with endless amounts of ideas, inspirations and suggestions. I can attend venue viewings, menu tastings and supplier meetings either with or without you.

8. On the day bliss!

I am present on the day should you need extra tissues, extra wine (your glass will ALWAYS be full!) or help with an unruly guest or difficult supplier.


It doesn’t have to be a chore to scroll through Pinterest anymore, you can browse for fun. Your wedding planner will help you recreate your Pinterest dreams without breaking your budget.

10. Surprises?!

If your wedding planner is anything like me, then you may get a surprise (well, it’s not much of a surprise now is it…) care package 4 months before your big day to help you destress and reconnect as a couple!

Do you feel like you need this in your life? Do you want to destress and take some weight off your shoulders? Get in touch, I would love love love to help you, or download my brochure here to have a browse and let's see how we could work together!

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