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I'm the stylist, planner, coordinator and founder behind The Little Details by Sophie.

Hey! I'm


and this is my story

Photo by Dominic Carter Photography

Isn’t it so hard to know what to do when

you’re growing up?

Based in Cornwall, just outside of Falmouth. I’m a coffee drinking, designer shoe obsessed, list lover, who loves exploring the world.

I have always wanted a job that would take me all over the world, a job where I can be creative and a job where I can help someone create the most perfect day (or few days) and that is why The Little Details by Sophie was born.

I get to be creative, let my imagination run wild, but most of all I am here to be your friend when you need it the most. And you know what, I think I have found exactly what I want to do when I grow up!

Professional and passionate, she was dependable and helpful, and really knows what she's doing. Sophie will treat you more like a family member than a client!


- J&R

Now, let's hear about you!

The dancing, the laughter, the cake, the smiles, and the happy tears. From engagement to honeymoon, together we’ll create an experience you’ll treasure forever, tell me your love story so we can start creating and designing your wedding, together!

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