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I'm the designer, planner and boss lady at The Little Details by Sophie.

I work from home in Penryn, Cornwall, where I live with my amazing husband (and advocate!), David.


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As a child I was a Disney obsessed, stationary loving, creative dreamer…

As well as being creative, I was a water baby (or a little mermaid as my family call me). If you took me anywhere near the sea, I would be in it, I wouldn’t get out even if I was freezing. 

All my friends had dreams of ‘real’ jobs. No one suggested creative jobs when we discussed them. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a marine biologist, to my friends it was still a crazy idea but to me it was a bit more like a ‘normal job’ and I believed I’d get to travel the world with a job like that.

I studied marine biology at college and university for six years and throughout this time my love for the environment and protecting it grew stronger and stronger. Although, alongside this I worked in hospitality, I loved working weddings and events and I would always be put in charge of making sure the little details were perfect.

I fell in love with the planning and design process of my own wedding. After getting married in June 2019, I wanted to somehow make the wedding industry part of my life. I would get to be the creative person I loved being when I was a little girl and make sure the day is as sustainable as possible. I took a giant leap, I signed up to the Wedding Academy (to ensure that I know the tricks of the trade) and decided to launch my own wedding planning business in January 2020.

But... that's how it started, where am I now?

Read about the rebrand here

Meeting The Little Mermaid

Enough of my story!

Tell me your love story so we can start designing, planning and creating your intimate wedding in Cornwall, together!