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I'm the founder, boss lady, stylist and planner at The Little Details by Sophie.

I work from home in Penryn, Cornwall, where I live with my amazing husband (and advocate!), David. 

As a child I was a Disney obsessed, stationary loving, creative dreamer...

Let me tell you a

My parents would find me in my bedroom making scrap books of places I wanted to visit or of shoes I would love to have, while watching Disney films! I had collections of unused notebooks, pink fluffy ones, green sparkly ones, I specifically remember a blue one with water in-between the cover lining, yep, it was beautifully tacky. I loved writing lists, creating and dreaming.

As well as being creative, I was a water baby (or a little mermaid as my family would call me). If you took me anywhere near the sea, I would be in it, I wouldn’t get out even if I was freezing. The creatures in it fascinate me and I find the unknown so interesting.

My parents and I moved to France from Yorkshire when I was nine and all my friends had dreams of ‘real’ jobs. They wanted to be nurses, midwives, fire fighters… No one suggested creative jobs when we discussed them. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a marine biologist, to my friends it was still a crazy idea but a bit more like a ‘normal job’. 

I returned to the U.K. to study marine biology at college and university for six years and throughout this time my love for the environment and protecting it grew stronger and stronger. Although, alongside this I worked in hospitality, I loved working weddings and events and I would always be put in charge of making sure the little details were perfect. 

When I got married in June 2019, I realised that helping plan and being part of the best day of someone’s life is what I actually want to do. I would get to be the creative person I loved being when I was a little girl, but I could also ensure the weddings I plan are eco friendly. I took a giant leap, I signed up to the Wedding Academy (to ensure that I know the tricks of the trade) and decided to launch my own wedding planning business.

I enjoy working with people and I believe every wedding should be unique and tell the couples story, without leaving a mark on the planet. I love spending time getting to know each and every couple I work with and their reasons for wanting to get married in Cornwall, so that I can share their story and personalities on their special day, in creative and individual ways. 

And, that’s why The Little Details by Sophie, an eco-conscious wedding planning business in Cornwall was born.

My little

My Family

It’s only my husband and I at home, but I love spending all of my downtime with him.

I do also love spending time with the rest of my family, when we find time, as they are spread all over the world.

The Ocean

This probably isn’t a surprise, but the sound, the smell and the feel on my feet instantly relaxes me. 


I am obsessed with shoes. If it wasn’t for David, I would probably have all the shoes but no house. (I'd have pretty feet though...)


I love everything about Greece. Its food, the people, the sun, everything. If I could, I would more than happily move there.


We are desperate to own a dog (preferably a little sausage!), but unfortunately it’s just not the right time for us. We will one day, but until then, I’ll just snuggle everyone else’s (in a non creepy way!).


Let's face it, you are here to find out what I can do for you. 

Planning your wedding is probably the most exciting thing you will ever do and I want you to stay excited and not get confused about where to find the perfect suppliers in Cornwall, how to keep your wedding eco friendly and stop you breaking down over your Excel budget spreadsheets.

I will listen to you, I will get to know you and I will support you through the planning process, so you don't have to worry about going to lunch with the girls or whether you have to cancel your evening gym class to crunch numbers instead!

I can not wait to work with you, be your wedding PA and ensure you enjoy the planning process as well as the day itself.

Enough about



t: 07824 887338

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The Little Details by Sophie

Eco-conscious wedding planner

in Cornwall and Devon, England.